Following are examples of how wikis are used in the classroom to encourage digital communication and collaboration.

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Share your links to wikispaces you might consider using with students here:
(Erika Fox)
This wiki is for elementary art classes. The teacher posts details for projects and displays student work.

(Jame Hambley)
This is a good wiki for a middle school science class to use to help student interact with the content.

(Erika Haskins)
I think this wiki is fantastic. It's actually a place where students can seek out LIVE events to help them with calculus concepts. I love this model!

(Erika Haskins)
This is a very comprehensive wiki for middle level and high school math instructors. It looks at tools and best practices for preparing students with the necessary gateway skills to tackle Algebra concepts and be successful. It uses a case study from a high school in Hoboken, NJ, but is definitely a good model to reference for teaching in high-need, urban environments.

(Catherine Alexander)
This is a wiki that is an EXTREMELY useful tool for a science teacher. It provides links to many different sites that have free resources and materials for teachers.

(Catherine Alexander)
This wiki is an excellent example of a wiki that incorporates all aspects of a class. There are tabs for class notes, projects, resources, discussion pages, etc.

(Shawna McLetchie)
This is a Wiki for a Science class where students present their homework and their projects that they share with one another to do idea so they feel ownership of their work.

(Sarah Wilson)
This is a Wiki an Algebra 1 teacher created for her class. It has some good activities and projects that help Algebra students engage with key concepts. Great examples of differentiating a product.

(Victoria Sargent)
This wiki is a pre-algebra wiki used by a class to post materials. I think it could be a handy to have my algebra I students refer to for review if needed.

(Rebecca Goldstein)
This wiki is an example of how a teacher used a wiki in earth and space science as a discussion tool. I really liked how the students had the ability to share without needing to say it in class.

(Emily Spring)
This wiki is designed specifically for Spanish teachers interested in integrating technology into their classes and instruction. There is also a section for students ( who want to use technology to help them in their learning. Anyone can post to this, so it's a great sharing space!

(Elyse Petruzzi)
This wiki is a great way to get students to use technology as a motivation to read. The teacher has created a wiki for her students to post contributions of books they have read during silent reading time both at home and in school.

(Meg Ryan)
This is helpful for teachers with ELL students. It is more of a how-to than an actual wiki, but it has some great implementation ideas that help with how to make the wikis relevant and successful with your often challenging ELL students.

(Mike Fraher)
Calculus Ideas and Resources
This wiki has a number of links to resources that can be used in calculus class, or other math classes. This would be place my students could go to access math games, virtual manipulatives, tutorials, etc.

(Ebony M. Lee)'s_Workshop_Approach_for_the_H.S._English_Classroom
This is a wiki that provides information on implementing Urbanski's Writing Workshop in a High School English class. It provides steps in implementing a writing process in the classroom to address possible low performance. However, it seems that the actual process can be used in any English or writing class to provide additional techniques to assist students who may struggle or need additional assistance with their writing. I am not sure if I will actually use this wiki, but it is nice to know that it is only one google search away.

(Dea Nunnally)
This is a place for students to access homework, Language Arts/History related interactive websites in class, communication with parents on ongoing or past projects, etc. I like the organization and format - it is interactive and informative. It looks like something I could use for my English class in the fall.

(Austin Inge) Mrs. Walder's Classroom Rules
This is a neat little page on Mrs. Walder's wiki that states her rules and procedures for her classes. She has quite a few rules (like 9 of them things), but it is a neat set up and is laid out simple and easy to navigate. Her other pages include information for the classes she teaches, but I think her page of rules and procedures is the best part. Definitely something we could look into doing.

(Reva Weiss) TEAMS
TEAMS-TutoringinSchools-Special Education- This wiki talks about hwo differentiated instruction must be implemented in both general education classrooms and special education classrooms. In addition, the wiki has information on how students experience school and what teachers can do to make the most of their time with students in the classroom.

(Sarah Schneider) super cute elementary art wiki. Look at student projects, see what concepts they are learning (ie color wheels) and how they apply to student work. Links and games, news and events, and webquests. This is a great place for anyone to check out what their children are making in art class in school, and it's fun for kids to look at too.

(Jasmine Orellana) I'll be looking this over to see how another Spanish teacher is using wikis for his classrooms. He's got one for Spanish I, and another for Spanish II. There are links to country pages, dictionaries, and other resources for each class. and

(Paula Long) Cool Tools for Schools-This wiki page provides links for several resources and tools for teachers to use in the classroom (i.e. organizers, flow charts, writing tools).

(Paula Long) scienceinquirer This wiki page gives you free items for the clasroom such as posters and videos for science.

(Teresa Barth) This wiki page is for teaching world languages.
Teresa you provided the website address in your above post. There are two wikis on that page and they can be accessed by clicking here and here.

(Rachel Tease) This wiki is a nice and simple wiki for teaching foreign language. Topics discussed include when to provide feedback (which errors to correct), language of instruction (when appropriate to use English), use of technology, grammar use, and culture.

(Gwen Prendimano) I used in a class I took called "Writing and Computers". It was a great way to get students to collaborate. One of the teachers in my class worked in a class where all the students had netbooks and he was able to set up a peer review system on the wiki. He said that it worked really well because using the wiki was intuitive for students and they were able to work at their own pace.

(Emily Willis) The Wiki I am choosing to share is called Teaching-with-Technology and can be found at I really like it because it is visually appealing and useful. With this whole class session, I have been learning more and more about how to use technology as a teacher and now this Wiki is just one more resource for that!!

(Drew Hagan) This wiki is for a middle school science teachers classes. Shows how integration of wiki and google docs can be used to organize a number of classes input. Additionally, there is a lot of resources to borrow from if your going to be a middle school science teacher.

(adenotter) This wiki is used to display the digital media projects of students. This could be a great way to use a wiki in any classroom. With this students are able to explore their peer's projects online individually, or in groups. They would also be able to leave comments.

(B_Hurlburt) As a math fellow, I was wondering how I would put nice looking equations onto my wiki pages. Then I found this online equation editor. It has buttons like MS Word to help you create the equation, then you can download the image file or link to the image. If it's being fussy, it helps to know some LaTeX, so here's a wiki about LaTeX

(T_Sinnet) Great example of a wiki created for a science classroom. Includes projects, 'text', various courses, etc.

(T_SInnet) Humane animal wiki--great for science class when learning about animals, but also could be used in many classes if incorporating animals into the curriculum. (Maybe writing about or drawing animals)

(M_Zlatos) Marvel Comic Universe Wiki - Could be used in a comic book class, but is just an amazing, active wiki outside of Wikipeda

(M_Zlatos) Simple English Wiki - This is Wikipedia, but written in simple English, to make it friendlier to ESL students or even traditional students who have low vocabularies.

(M_Zlatos) Wikilengua - Great Wiki about grammar & usage of the Spanish language.

(Nathan St. John) Here's a wiki one of my professors used to collect our solutions to homework. The specific content isn't exactly for high schoolers, but I like the idea of solutions being available to everyone without me having to type them all out.

(Nathan St. John) I'm not sure this fits the dictionary definition of a wiki, but I know I'll be using it in my classroom.

(Jeremy Gray) this is a great use of a wiki to cover a unit like a book so students can have one place to access and create the various sections of text that is unfamiliar.
(Jeremy Gray) This would be a great to check for understanding by having students put in exceptions or examples.

(Patrick O'Driscoll) I thought this was a very interesting Wiki because it shows just how simple the topic of these Wiki's can be, while being highly effective at the same time.

(Patrick O'Driscoll) I liked this Wiki alot because of how this concept could develop a network of communication between various classrooms in a building to spread what students in each classroom are learning. This could be used as a tool to spread knowledge among students and could also be used to hold teachers accountable to make sure all teachers are covering mandated topics.

(Nicole Davis) - This wiki helps to connect with people/classrooms across the world.

(Nicole Davis) - This wiki is for a third grade class studying the West.
(Naomi Zuckerman) This wiki is really helpful as it provides links to many useful ELL sights! I think this cpuld help teachers and students, it is a great resource.

(Jason Meland) - This Wiki discusses teaching a culture in a foreign language. I like that it incorporates various opinions of language scholars on how to effectively do this.

(Dane Butts) - This wiki discusses strategies for integrating technology into a foreign language classroom. Pretty interesting stuff.

(Natalie Witherspoon) This wiki designed to provide educators with research-based strategies that when implemented, serve to motivate ELL/ENL/ESL students to participate in the "mainstream" classroom. In addition to several theories and theorists, the page features articles providing further anecdotes and evidence of the need to motivate these unique learners in the traditional classroom setting.