Can we have a little fun with digital images? What type of seat signal might you ask your students to use? Who wants to be give an example and share here?Photo_on_2011-07-18_at_19.57.jpg
Erika Fox: This is sign language for water, I use it with Kindergarten to use the drinking fountain in our room.

James Hambley: We can post a bathroom sign on the wall and pointing at it indicates that you need to go to the bathroom.

Sarah Wilson - Students can put up one finger if they did not receive a handout that the teacher just passed out.

Paula Long- This is the sign for toilet to represent "bathroom break".
Megan Z - Here I am demonstrating a non verbal signal indicating I need to sharpen my pencil.

Alison DenOtter - Using the sign language letter "B" while a students raises his/her hand could be a useful non-verbal signal to indicate that a student needs to use the bathroom.

Brady Hurlburt - A student holding his/her nose will indicate that the student needs a tissue -- I have a student that is up every five minutes to get one, and it would be much better for me to grab her one while I'm waking around anyway.
P.S. - Brady, I really hope you enforce this one in class. Too funny! ~ Lauren

Lauren Graham - This is a signal that I could use as a teacher when I'm not currently taking any questions or I want to finish what I am saying before questions should be asked because I could answer it upon completing instruction or directions. Essentially, it means "hands down."

OMG you guys are AMAZING!! Love it!

Nicole Davis - This is a signal that I can teach my students when they need to get up to get a drink of water. Since the water fountains are in the classroom, this would help me continue with instruction without interruption.

Ebony M. Lee.--This is a signal that could be used for the restroom. The students are expected to cross their fingers on their right hand and when they are given a non verbal cue, they can get the restroom pass from its location and take a bathroom break. I don't know if I will actually use it, because I am teaching high school and if the students are only in my class for 45 minutes they will be expected to use the bathroom during breaks.