Practice uploading Files on this practice page. An important step to remember is placing the cursor where you want to begin typing and/or inserting the file.

If you place the file in the wrong place, it can easily be selected and moved clicking on it and dragging. Or if you select the wrong file, just delete it and re-upload the right one.

Halfway through institute, any else feel like this?

How am I supposed to keep up with all this new technology? I am just not learning to text from my outdated cell phone.

It is 2:13 am and I still have many hours of work ahead of me. So, I am watching my favorite video clip. Check it out to cheer you up!

Is it just me, or does that blue and red contrast on the practice edits look strange?

Use this page to practice adding, deleting and editing content on a wiki page. You must have a wikispaces account and be logged in order to edit!

hmmm... what all can I do on here... I don't really know if we are supposed to leave our mark or not... so this will have to do!!

Here's one of my favorite commercials!!!

Hi everybody! I am practicing my Wiki editing.


  1. Hello!! Practicing editing..don't know what I'm doing but it's fun :D

  2. I'm going to practice too!! :)

  3. The video on the group going camping and the simplicity of editing the document seems too good to be true. I looks like most people are getting the hand of it and how to use the edit, save and link tabs.

Oh yes you are :). - but can you add an image OK I added that youtube video. Not too sure what I am doing here.
Scott - with a little bit of J-Factor

Let's see if anyone can work with widgets. And who doesn't know how to hyperlink text to move to an external website or another part of the wiki. If you don't know how, practice here.

Let's add a hyperlink text. Check out my favorite team :-)

What would you want your students to be able to do on a shared workspace like wikispaces?
^^^^^^ Pretty sure Scott is laughing at me

I thought this was pretty text! I'm sure many of you have seen this, but it makes me laugh every time. Here is me practicing hyperlinks. Hope it works. Find X

Found it! And it worked great. BTW, here's a tip/best practice. When you're linking, when possible, have the link open in a new window. That way the original website can be easily returned to if the user wants to view the destination link as well as the page they linked from.

Okay, so apparently technology seems to repel me. Hopefully, I can get better at this. Its quite nerveracking....
Also I LOVED the chatty twins. Did you also know instead of just linking to YouTube videos, you can actually embed them using a widget. See below:

Just position the cursor where you want the video to be embedded, click on Widget, video, YouTube and follow the easy directions. It's really simple and it makes your wiki, blog or website more visual and inviting. BTW - I giggle every time I watch this video. My admin got a kick out of it, too. Thank goodness he had a sense of humor.

stop_sign.gifIf you're just now getting to this page you're probably having difficulty following it. We're just all practicing here. Try using the link tool, insert a graphic, embed a YouTube video. Ok just show us something new.Practice Page